The Education Center will provide a series of eBooks on current issues related to childhood chronic health illnesses.  Currently there is much focus in the news on whether vaccine exemptions should be eliminated or whether the risk of vaccine injury justifies providing parents with a choice.  Download our first eBook, Vaccines: Today’s Parental Guide to Vaccine Awareness, for a discussion on these topics:

  1. Have vaccines been adequately researched?
  2. Could emerging research explain how chronic health conditions develop?
  3. What are the risks of “vaccine-preventable” diseases?
  4. Has it been proven that the unvaccinated are the main cause of disease outbreaks?
  5. Are there proper “Checks and Balances” in the vaccine program?
  6. Is your pediatrician knowledgeable about current vaccine science?

Download our Ebook to learn more about the state of Pediatric Health in America:

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